How It Works

Unleash your inner performer with Cambrian Players Improv – the perfect place to dive into the world of spontaneous comedy!

We showcase our improv chops in a minimum of four Saturday night shows per season, where you can catch the fun of unscripted theatre, where even the performers have no idea what might come next.

For the latest updates, show dates, and a sneak peek into our improvisational world, check us out on Facebook at @CambrianPlayersImprov. Questions? Shoot us an email at

How To Join

Whether you’re a seasoned improviser or a curious newcomer, we invite all adults (18+) to come together and share the joy of improv comedy. 

We meet Sunday evenings (excluding some holidays) from 7pm to 9pm at Cambrian Players Theatre. It’s the perfect time to let loose, play games, and practice your improv skills.

If you think you’re not “funny” enough, don’t sweat it! Improv is all about embracing the moment, exploring your creativity, and being present. We’ve got the building blocks to unlock the natural storyteller within you. See you Sunday!

Upcoming Shows

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