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Sleuth was written by Anthony Shaffer and published in 1970. This play has received numerous accolades and is worthy of production. We acknowledge that 1970 was a very different time and that some of the language and sentiments expressed in the play may not be in line with what we in the present consider to be correct or representative of our current views. We also acknowledge that the play contains violence, violent themes, and other themes which may be controversial. Cambrian Players supports the production of plays that promote conversation and explore the full range of the human experience. If you have any questions please contact

Andrea Jacobsen Andrew Wyke
Rob Paularinne Milo Tindle
Stanley Rushton Inspector Doppler
Robin Mayfield Detective Sergeant Tarrant
Liam McNulty Police Constable Higgs
Production Team
Stefani Celine Director
Josée Lauzon Stage Manager
Eric Fox Assistant Stage Manager
Minic Winters
Dennis Martin
Stage Hands
Katya Arifin
Alyssa Cacciatore
Sarah Mendek
Maranda Dumas
Thomas McDonald
Production and Publicity
Management Team
Scott Legros
Scott Chasty
Sound Design
Ken Horton Lighting Design
Dennis Martin
Roland Landry
Shannon Burkinshaw
Isaac Leppanen
Ken Horton
April Brown
Richard Pepper
Sheena Larson
Maranda Dumas
Nathalie Roy
Sound & Lighting
Julie MacCoy
Jackie Bygate
Costume Design
Ariana McLean Props Design
Stefani Celine Set Design
Don McMahon Set Dresser
Jerry Silen Set Construction
Kevin Lacasse
Roland Landry
Jason McGowan
Joe Carney
Bryan Davis
Set Crew
Mary Davis Poster Design
Bryan Davis Program Design
Sheena Larson Social Media
Jessica Graham Production Photographer
Andrea Jacobsen Fight Choreographer
Rachel Warburton Front of House Manager
Andrea Dumas
Angie Bach
Beverley Gravelle-McLeod
Danielle Reszitnyk
Dennis Dubinsky
Elvira Dustin
Jeanne Adams
Jelena Psenicnik
Jim Hobson
Joe Carney
June Wozny
Kelsey Knough
Keri Pidgen-Welyki
Lana Hayes
Lorraine Onski
Nico Harding
Rike Burkhardt
Ruth Currie
Sheena Albanese
Tamara Rose
Tanya Gouthro
Taylor Onski
Trish McGowan
Vickie Scholpens
Front of House


Andrea Jacobsen Andrew Wyke This absolute corker of a show is Andrea's seventh with Cambrian Players. They promise they're not quite as competitive as it looks! Thanks to Dad for introducing the joys of theatre and games. This is all his fault. LYTTEOS, Shan.
Rob Paularinne Milo Tindle Rob is excited to be part of the cast of Sleuth with his good friend, Andrea. You may have seen Rob in Cambrian Players' past productions of Hamlet where he played Voltimand; Anastasia where he played Dr. Serensky; and Vino Veritas where he played Phil. Most recently Rob worked as Assistant Director on A Christmas Carol. He would like to thank his wife and kids for all their support.
Stanley Rushton Inspector Doppler By day, accountant Stanley "Bloodhound" Rushton chases numbers. By night, he chases clues! A community theatre veteran with a nose for a good mystery, Stanley brings meticulous detail and a touch of dry wit to his detective roles. He hopes to thrill you in this role as Inspector Doppler.
Robin Mayfield Detective Sergeant Tarrant Robin "Robbie" Mayfield: Day job? Who needs one! Robbie, a walking encyclopaedia of classic plays, spends his days memorizing lines and his nights delivering them with Shakespearean gusto (even in modern comedies). Don't miss his booming pronouncements as the grumpy ghost in Blithe Spirit!
Liam McNulty Police Constable Higgs Liam juggles spreadsheets by day and spotlights by night. A fixture at Cambrian Players for 20 years, Liam tackles roles with booming enthusiasm, from bumbling detectives to tragic heroes. He hasn't mastered a British accent yet, but he hopes the audience will love him anyway.


Stefani Celine Director & Set Design Stefani is a multi-disciplined artist living and working in Thunder Bay. She has had the privilege of working in many roles throughout her theatre career; as an Actor, Writer, Administrator, Stage Manager, Light Tech, Props Master, Scenic Painter, Designer and Director. This is Stefani's 13th year volunteering with Cambrian Players and is very proud to be able to direct Sleuth by Anthony Shaffer for their 74th Mainstage Season. Her other directing credits include You Paid For It; They'll Pay For It with Superior Theatre Festival, Come and Find Me with New Noise Productions and Sunday Dinner with the 10x10 Play Festival. Stefani would like to send many thank yous to the wonderful cast and crew, it's been great working with a DREAM TEAM. And to her dog H.W. for always being a good boy as well as to her cat Guybrush for tolerating her existence.
Josée Lauzon Stage Manager Josée Lauzon is a long-time Stage Manager and theatre volunteer; you can usually find her backstage or working in the background somewhere. Recent shows include The Snow Queen, A Christmas Carol, & Momologues 2 with Cambrian Players; Something Rotten and The Play that goes Wrong with Badanai Theatre; as well as the 10x10 Showcase at Magnus Theatre.
Eric Fox Assistant Stage Manager Eric is a person.
Scott Legros & Scott Chasty Sound Design Scott is a very tired man who enjoys finding noises to enhance experiences.

Scott's been working with sound in TV and radio for more than two decades. He's a big music fan, loves a wide variety of genres and plays many instruments, always striving to make things sound good. He also enjoys peanut butter and Cheez Whiz sandwiches.
Ken Horton Lighting Design This is Ken's first appearance in this program. He is proud to be a part of this amazing production. The lighting you see tonight was not possible without the assistance and talents of Dennis Martin. Fastidious, Ken insists on all his writing to be printed VERBATIM. He has found true love in theatre and hoes you do too.
Julie MaCoy & Jackie Bygate Costume Design Julie is excited to be back dressing another fabulous cast! Some memorable casts she has costumed over the years are: Death of A Salesman, Treasure Island, and Little Women at Cambrian Players, and Spring Awakening with Applauze Productions. Special thanks to Stef for letting me run with your ideas and visions!

Jackie is recently retired from a lengthy career in student support and Early Childhood Education. She has spent many years collaborating with dancers and youth actors to design and build costumes. Jackie is currently the proud costume designer for Eleanor Drury Children's Theatre.
Ariana McLean Props Design Ariana is thrilled to be backstage this show, taking care of props! She would like to thank her partner, friends, and family for their support of her passion for theatre and for always being her enthusiastic audience.
Jerry Silen Set Construction Jerry showed up at his first set build with a full carpenter's belt and tools. Not sure what to expect, but wanting to make a good impression. It must have worked, because here he is, taking the lead on building numerous sets for Cambrian Players.
Don McMahon Set Dresser Don is usually found skulking around the Props Department. Despite recent sightings near the paint shelving, rumours persist he has been mysteriously moving and rearranging large pieces of furniture in the storage area. Or is it a Poltergeist? No one knows for sure... It's a mystery! Hope you enjoy the show!

Special Thanks

Scotia Kauppi
Andrea Dumas
Nathalie Roy
Andrew Paulsen
Nico Harding
Tamara Rose
Gina Bernadin
Chris Servais
Ruth Currie
Alex Jecchinis
Taylor Onski
Nadine Beaudoin
Martin Dumas
Jim Hobson
Richard Pepper
Eric Tatrallyay
Stephanie MacIsaac
Mary Davis
Doug Rydhom
Thomas McDonald

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