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Little Women is produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. (

Special thanks to the following for their contributions:

Thingamajig Film Company, Five Star Bakery, Jerry Can Handyman, Matthew Goertz, Bryan Davis, Dougall Media, Sheena Albanese, Jelena Psenicnik, Confederation College Performing Arts Club, Jackie Herwynen-Bygate, Lisa Macchione (Magnus Theatre), Thomas McDonald, Applauze Productions

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There will be one 15 minute intermission

Nico Harding Jo March

This is Nico's very first show with Cambrian Players and they cannot be more excited to be a part of such a fantastic production. They aren't a stranger to the stage having performed in many shows to date including The Outsiders and Break a Leg. They would like to thank Rachel and Jim for such an amazing opportunity.

Ariana McLean Meg March

Ariana is elated to be welcomed to Cambrian Players. After an extensive volunteer history in her hometown she looks forward to the Thunder Bay stage. She wishes to thank Colin and Lori of The Niagara Falls School of Drama, along with her friends and family for their love and support.

Joelle Krupa Beth March

Joelle has been involved in theatre since she was six years old and is thrilled to be back on stage with Cambrian Players. She would like to thank her family for always supporting her, and the whole cast and crew for making this such an amazing experience. Enjoy the show!

Kara Coates Amy March

Kara has been performing in the arts since the age of 4. She performed in dance competitions for many years but slowly began to transition to theatre. Since then she has performed in plays such as Treasure Island as Jim Hawkins, Alice in Wonderland as one of the red queens, and is very excited to be performing in Little Women as Amy.

Nicole Rea Marmee

Nicole Rea is new to the Cambrian stage and is thrilled to be joining the cast as Marmee. She is an avid lifelong theatre fan who asserts that the energy of live theatre cannot be replicated by movies. Having enjoyed acting in a 10x10 production, she joined Cambrian Players' Vino Veritas as ASM, and loved the experience. Nicole is looking forward to once again working on a Cambrian production, this time on stage.

Ginette Roy Hannah

Ginette is excited to be back on the Cambrian stage. She was last seen portraying Vanessa in Four Weddings and an Elvis. When not at her day job as a physiotherapist, Ginette can most often be found playing outside on her mountain bike or her cross-country skis.

Ruth Currie Aunt March

This is Ruth's fifth appearance with Cambrian, including her most recent role as Phoebe Reece in The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of A Christmas Carol. She is excited to return to the stage with such a talented cast and is continually thankful for the support of her family and friends.

Katya Arifin Laurie

Katya is thrilled to be in their first show with Cambrian Players. You may have seen them in the booth as a lighting technician or onstage in Badanai Theatre's Something Rotten. Thank you to Payton, Sulin, Alannah, and Alex for their love and late-night snacks!

Andrea Jacobsen Mr. Brooke

This is Andrea's fifth full show with Cambrian and she is very excited to play a romantic! Thank you to her actual wife for supporting said stage romance.

Alex Jecchinis Mr. Laurence

Alex is thrilled to be "treading the boards" with Cambrian Players once again. Alex last appeared as Gordon in Cambrian's presentation of The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of A Christmas Carol. Big thanks as always to all the cast and crew ‐ and of course, to you, our audience. Enjoy the show!

Dennis Dubinsky Mr. Lawrence (Stand-in)

Some of Dennis’ favourite Cambrian roles include Harold in The Full Monty, Vanya in Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, and, most recently, Ridley in Vino Veritas. Dennis has also acted in film, television and voiceover/narration. Enjoy the show!

Eric Fox Father March

The person in the cast least likely to be a little woman.

Rachel Warburton Director

I'd like to dedicate this production to my mother, and anyone who searched for queer role models. Thanks to Cambrian for all their support, to Jim for being my co-conspirator, to our amazing cast and crew. Special thanks to my not-so-little men, especially to Rhys for lending us Lola's chair.

Jim Hobson Director

Past president and life member of Cambrian Players. Over many years has enjoyed acting, directing, watching plays with them. Thanks to Rachel (my confederate), Donna, Maranda and our hugely talented cast and our very adept designers and crew.

Maranda Dumas Stage Manager

Maranda is thrilled to be working with such an incredibly talented cast and crew of new and veteran Cambrian creatives. A Thunder Bay born and raised actress, singer, stage manager, and director, she loves to share her enthusiasm for theatre and performance with the community.

Katie Maki Props Designer

Katie is excited to step into a new role and coordinate props for Little Women! She is grateful for Don's guidance and for her team's help, as well as to Rachel and Jim for the trust and opportunity.

Julie MacCoy Costume Designer

Julie is thrilled to be back designing costumes for a show like Little Women! She has designed costumes for Treasure Island, Death of a Salesman (Cambrian Players), Spring Awakening, Broadway on Bay (Applauze) and numerous other shows! Thank you to my costume team and to Rachel and Jim for trusting me with this show!

Upcoming Auditions

We are pleased to announce that open auditions will be held for our upcoming production of MOMologues 2: Off to School, written by Lisa Rafferty, Stefanie Cloutier, and Sheila Eppolito, directed by Nathalie Roy.

Show dates are May 3 - 6 & 10 - 14, 2023.

Audition dates are Sunday March 12th 5-9, March 13th & 14th 7-9

Please complete the audition form at to book an audition.

Actors of all ethnic/cultural/sexual/gender identities are invited to audition. Prior acting experience is helpful but not essential.

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