Join Cambrian Players

Volunteer with us!

Cambrian Players is a volunteer-led and operated organization. We look to members of our community to assist with a variety of onstage and behind-the-scenes and community tasks and opportunities.

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Direct with us!

Cambrian Players is always looking for new talent to help bring stories to the stage. We look for passionate, innovative individuals to steer a cast and crew to their vision.

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Learn with us!

Cambrian Players is dedicated to continuing arts education in Thunder Bay by offering the ability to shadow a seasoned member in various roles. Both on and off stage, we hope to foster an appreciation for various technical and artistic skills.

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Work with us!

Cambrian Players has many sub-groups that keep the show running. We have six groups ready to hear your voice: PRODUCTION & EDUCATION, PROPERTIES, COMMUNICATIONS, ENGAGEMENT, FACILITIES, and FUNDRAISING. Chaired by a member of the Board, these groups help make decisions and do the work needed to bring quality theatre to Thunder Bay.

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Make decisions with us!

The Cambrian Players’ Board are the dedicated people who keep this organization going. Serving two-year terms, various community members come together to report on their working groups, discuss what’s new, and foster a welcoming and creative environment. Currently, the Cambrian Player Board are seeking people who have skills, talent, or knowledge in the following areas: COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT, TECHNICAL AND ORGANIZATION SKILLS, FUNDRAISING AND SPECIAL EVENTS, LEGAL – NOT FOR PROFIT, ACCOUNTING AND BOOKKEEPING.

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